Lesson Questions

  • Do lesson packages expire? 

    Yes, starting in 2024 Lesson packages will expire 1 year after the date of first use.  This is in an effort to keep our schedule open to current students.  We also find that students who go through their package within a calendar year experience the most gain.  Our average 5 pack lasts students 2-3 months & Our average 10 pack lasts 6-7 months.

    *If you’ve previously bought a package with us, don’t worry, you package will not expire.  This is not a retroactive change*

  • What’s a Hybrid Package?

    Hybrid packages are a combination of In-Person & Online Instruction.  This is a great way for students to save money, time, and travel expenses while taking lessons.  Packages will start with in-person Game Evaluations and alternate between in-person & online sessions until your package is completely utilized.  **All packages have the option of exchanging in-person instruction for online instruction.

  • What does an Online Lesson look like?

    Online lessons for Hybrid Packages involve the student submitting a series a Swing Videos to your instructor.  Just like an in-person lesson, you’ll get an analysis of the swing and how you’re progressing, along with the next steps.  You’ll also receive a series of drill videos to help correct the movement/swing further, just like an in-person lesson.  The only difference between an online lesson and an in-person lesson is that you don’t have to travel to the studio to see your instructor.  Submit the lesson on your own time from the comfort of your own home.

  • What’s a Student Community?

    Ken Schall Golf Student Communities are Student groups of current and past students committed to continually bettering their game through competition, education & group learning.  You’ll get access to a group forum where you can ask questions and engage with Ken Schall Golf coaches & students, weekly competitions, in-person meet-ups to practice & play, season end prizes, select discounts & more.

  • What is Skillest?

    Skillest is a lesson platform that we utilize to facilitate better learning within a session.  This platform allows us to document additional content during lessons, facilitate online learning, schedule & plan practice for students, but most importantly; stay connected to you whenever you need us.  Included in all lessons at Ken Schall Golf (with Seth or Sam).

  • What’s a Game Evaluation?

    A Game Evaluation is our way of assessing the current state of your game and setting forth a roadmap for you to reach your goals.  Much like when you go to the doctors office; when you come into a Game Evaluation at Ken Schall Golf we assume that you are interested in our expertise at diagnosing exactly what’s keeping you from achieving your goals.  In this 2 hour session, you’ll go through the trackman combine, play a few holes, putt on SAM Lab, & go through a TPI assessment (if booked with Seth). This will leave you with a clear picture of the necessary steps to take your game to the next level.

  • How long are lessons?

    Besides a Game Evaluation (2 hours) all our lessons at 1 hour long.  We believe that anything shorter doesn’t allow enough time for proper learning.  1 hour lessons allow us to get you completely warmed up, catch up about how you’re dealing with past lesson changes, go over stats and homework, make new changes if needed, recap what we did, and make a plan for what to do between now and then next lesson.

  • What is a good cadence between lessons?

    Generally, we want the student to come back for their next lesson for one of two reasons.  Either they feel comfortable with the previous changes to move on, or they are struggling and need extra help!  Obviously it would be great to move onto something new every lesson, but some things you’ll pick up on quickly, others will challenge you a bit more.  Don’t be ashamed to come back in for more help.  That’s what we are here for!!

Fitting Questions

  • How & When do I pay for my Clubs?

    You can pay for your clubs with Cash, Check or Card.  Please be aware, we do charge a 3% surcharge for card transactions.  To avoid that, please pay in cash or check.  We also require payment upfront before we will place any orders.

  • What do I bring?

    Bring whatever club you are planning on getting fit for.  Iron set? Bring your old irons.  Driver? Bring your old driver & a club to warm up with.  If you’re in doubt, go ahead and bring your entire bag in.  We have plenty of room!

  • Why do the fittings last so long?

    The Full Bag & Full Bag Plus fittings are as long as they are to allow us a proper amount of time to fit you, evaluate all our options, build you a spec sheet with the pricing and answer any questions you might have.  Don’t worry!  You will not be hitting shots the entire time!

  • Can I wear my Golf Shoes?

    You’re welcome to bring your golf shoes.  Please do us a favor though and make sure they are clean.  You are also allowed to wear street shoes/tennis shoes in our bays.  Our hitting mats are really solid and you won’t really have issues slipping around.

  • Do I need to be a great player to get fit?

    Absolutely NOT!  In fact the opposite is true.  High level players can make up for poorly fit clubs with their skill level.  Beginner players do not have that luxury.  Getting fit makes sure that you are not being limited by your equipment!